Tuesday, April 6, 2010

349 Easter Weekend

Katie insisted on a trip to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. Funny, just a year or so ago I had to force her to do these things. I have to beg her to sit still to take a picture. Dress some poor adult up in a smelly bunny costume that freaks out 13% of the population and Katie is game. I think I might have gotten suckered though. We had to find Connor a shirt to wear, so we hit up Children's Place which just happens to be across the way from Build-A_Bear Workshop .... hey, look where we ended up! SURPRISE! Although I did tell her JUST THE BUNNY! No clothes ... And she agreed....

Just right? She always says yes.At least she had a little friend in line to see the Easter Bunny...And Connor got a little friend as well. Connor was NOT a fan of the Easter Bunny. He didn't trust that furry guy at all. I don't blame him. How can you trust someone that doesn't blink?? One good thing though, at least the Easter Bunny didn't ruin a pic by not smiling. And then it was home and time to boil some eggs. Oh, did I forget to mention that the first night that we were in Atlanta, Chip tried to make himself some fries? And he left the oil on the stove while he went to the bathroom ... he came back to a fireball and I returned to no stove. So, boiling eggs posed a bit of a problem. I googled boiling eggs in the microwave. I know, it seems like a REALLY bad idea to me, but there are instructions. However, it did NOT work well. So, we came up with another plan. We grilled out to boil our eggs. Probably the only grilled eggs the Easter Bunny saw this year. By the way ... it takes FOREVER to grill out eggs.It did give us time to take a few pics ... well, me time to take pics.An hour later we had almost hit boil .... At that point I figured they had cooked long enough.Can you tell we had fun dying eggs? I can assure you, it was every bit as fun as this pic suggests. Katie and Connor had to fight over EVERYTHING. I set up the mugs, and got out the dye. Chip had grabbed food dye instead of the packaged egg dye. At first I was a little annoyed, but after looking at the back of the package there were instructions for a ton of different colors. And WOW did they turn out vivid!The Easter Bunny took it easy this year. The kids got candy and one little toy. And you know what ... they were just as happy as if the baskets were overflowing. Connor especially loved his Reese's Bunny. I just wanted him to hold it for me to take a pic, but he wouldn't keep his tongue off the poor thing.Katie couldn't wait to do the Easter egg hunt. I tried to get her to stand still for a picture ... that was a fail. Yes, she is in that darn dress again! I washed it ... I had to after we went to the park and she rolled down hills in it.And I tried to take a picture AFTER the Easter egg hunt ... failThen we had to re-create the Easter egg hunt. Again. And again. And again. And again.Katie got it into her head that she wanted to go to the park. Not the one behind our house, but the big one (Latimer Lakes). Which was of course PACKED. So we kept driving. We ended up at a different park. When I realized the direction we were going I suggested a stop for bread. Surely feeding ducks would cheer up our little pouty pants ... right?? Nope, not our moody britches. She was sad because all of her little friends were grounded. I can't blame her. Mommy and Daddy can't compete with two 7 year old girls for fun. Also, it didn't help that the ducks were a bit aggressive, and one of the Canada Geese was a real jackass.
Our Easter was laid back and a little pouty, but we spent it together.... that counts for something, right?


@amydillon76 said...

I hadn't gotten to read your blog till today. Your pictures are lovely and it seemed like a pretty good Easter to me. :)