Saturday, November 29, 2014

489 Needle Felt Fun

I finally broke out  the needle felting kit I bought a while back. I figured... why not. It isn't like I have enough craft addictions. 

The finished product..

The unboxing. It came with several molds, the felting needle, the foam you stab into (I am sure that is the technical term), and the felt.
First you fill the owl mold. You repeatedly stab the felt until it becomes flat and firm. 
Then you transfer  it to the  silicon mold to shape. And repeat. 
Then join the front and back together.
Next you are supposed to  add the white felt to make the face and chest... that was trickier  to get the solid edges.
I ended up rolling the felt between my hands to get a piece I could shape around  the edges.
Then it was on to wings and feet... and a tail.

One day I  will  remember to do these  things  during  the day so  that I can  take better pictures.  I  did make several  more pieces  that were free hand.  It really is quite addictive.