Wednesday, November 19, 2014

487 We Have a Runner!

So... last I posted I was doing a runstreak and aiming to run a 10 mile race.

Well. Things change.

Oh, I am still running. But I called off the runstreak at day 133. More of a pause really. I knew my body needed a rest. My shins and ankles especially.

Why did I need to rest? Because I needed to be healthy... for a HALF MARATHON. And then ANOTHER HALF MARATHON just 9 days later!

HOLY WOW, Y'ALL!  I mean... I never imagined when I started running in January that I would even want to run further than a 5K. But then I saw a 10K... and then I saw a great price on a half marathon. I just can't turn down a great deal!

I signed up to run the Tangle Foot Turkey Trot in New Albany, MS on Thanksgiving morning. I also badgered my running buddy, Joe, into signing up, too. I knew a half marathon was on his bucket list, so it seemed like the perfect plan.

Then my local run shop, (Full Motion Running and Cycling in Olive Branch, MS) had a raffle for a St. Jude bib! The cost of each raffle ticket? 5 cans for the food bank. It was a win/win situation all around. Except... I didn't win. BUT a few days later I got a message on facebook from the owner of the store asking if I wanted to run the full or half marathon. I answered SO FAST! HALF!

I keep having moments when I know I must be insane. Not just to run my first half marathon, but to run my second half marathon less than two weeks later!

But I am beyond excited! I absolutely love the friends that running has brought me. And the opportunities to branch out a little bit.

If anyone is interested in helping me with my St. Jude fundraising you can hop over to my page. I would be so thankful, but not nearly as thankful as the families that St. Jude helps every single day. They are never charged a dime for their treatment thanks in large part to donations. They are able to concentrate on their fight to survive. What an amazing gift!

I am going to try to update more often... I know, you've heard it all before. The kids are old enough that I have to be selective in what I share, but I will be talking more about my training and my art. I hope you stick around!