Wednesday, February 15, 2012

473 January 2012

I honestly have no idea what we did the month of January.
I know the television got turned off a lot more often.
I know my head nearly exploded multiple times from frustration.
I know I managed to get out of the house ... a few times.
I know Connor decided he would rather stick out his tongue than smile.
I know Katie improved at school ... but she still comes home clueless about what her teachers have actually said.
I know Sugar has been toted about and kissed so much that I literally have to remind Katie that she can OVER HANDLE her hamster to the point it will hurt it. Plus, EWWW, kissing a hamster!
I know we can't wait for the tax return to post.
I know we had snow flurries ... and 70 degree days. We had the heat on full blast, and we had the windows open.
I know I made art... I even kept up with my photo a day thing... so far.


Sedge said...

There is no getting in between a girl and her hamster. I'm surprised they don't make a plethora of barbie-esque accessories for hamsters... Girls would eat em up.

Thanks for the post!