Saturday, February 4, 2012

471 Christmas Post... finally

Yeah yeah ... Christmas was a long time ago ...

I am trying to convince myself to jump back into this blog, so just work with me here.

Besides, who can't use a little Christmas cheer?

 First we have the Sugar Cookie Making ... very important tradition. Connor absolutely demolished an egg trying to "help" crack it. My butter wasn't cold enough and the dough refused to cooperate. Definitely not the best batch ever, but we had fun.

 Katie took over some of the reading of "The Night Before Christmas".
 I then forced them to pose ... clearly they are not concerned with being placed on the Naughty List.

It was a superhero Christmas for Connor, and a science Christmas for Katie. She loved her geode set from Santa. Probably the only child that was excited to see that Santa brought her a bunch of rocks.

And a trip down to Mimi and Pop Pop's to spend time with family.

Katie loves her Red Rider ... luckily she did NOT shoot her eye out. However, the very first shot she took ricocheted off the fence and hit me in the arm ... it had no force by that point, but I did have to laugh.

Okay ... enough ... Although, I haven't posted pictures from our Atlanta trip yet...

(Just trying to get it out of the way so I can do a wrap up post for January and I will feel like I am back on track.)