Tuesday, June 22, 2010

369 Zooin' it at 100 degrees

You might think we would stay clear of the Memphis Zoo when it is so hot, but then you must not have ever had kids or lived in the South. We would have to steer clear of the zoo all summer long if that were the case, and with so much time to kill before school starts back up it is one of the most obvious places to go. The kids are thoroughly sunscreened up (me too, don't worry) and spend most of their time being pulled around in a wagon. I am the only one ready to drop by the time we leave. Next time I might have to wear my bikini top at least and cool off in the geyser at Northwest Passage. Its that or I am going to end up diving into the polar bear enclosure. It was that hot that fighting off a bear might have actually been worth it. Luckily, the Memphis Zoo actually has air conditioned areas scattered around. And of course, snack carts with ice creams and cold drinks. All in all it wasn't the worst way to spend the afternoon. It was hot, but completely worth it. The kids had a blast and that is the most important part.

These are a few pics taken on my phone while we were at the zoo on my phone. Yeah ... I take too many pics. I know.