Thursday, June 17, 2010

368 Love Thursday, Beach Style

Last Thursday we were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I wasn't looking for hearts. I was enjoying time with the kiddos and my Mom. We went inside for lunch, leftover Subway sandwiches and chips. I looked over at my daughters plate and I saw this chip. I snapped a few pics, my Mom must have thought I was losing my mind (even more than usual), and I sat and stared at it. It took a while until I decided to eat it. My friend Kathleen talked some sense into me ... wel, she tweeted it, but it worked. A picture lasts forever, and chips are delicious. It was rather yummy :) After lunch we hit the beach for a little while. I had the kids to myself, so I didn't take too many pics. We s[ent most of our time picking up shells. I mostly sat in a small pool of water and dug my hand through the sand around me. One scoop contained this rock .... PERFECTION!

I was not looking for hearts, but they bombarded me at every turn. Love is everywhere. Find it, and let it find you. Happy Love Thursday! Head over to Chookooloonks to check out her Love Thursday and all the others.